The Clinical Microbiology Research Center of Ilam University of Medical Sciences started its work in 2011 with the permission of Ministry of Health and Medical Education in order to research on microbiological knowledge development, performing applied research and reducing microbial resistance. Although public health promotion has led to a reduction in infectious diseases, there are yet some infectious diseases, especially gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, which are common in developing countries.

On the other hand, the uncontrolled use of antibiotics in the treatment of bacterial infections has led to a spread of antibiotic resistance among bacteria and the emergence of MDR, XDR and PDR isolates.

Our center focuses on applied research studies, including interventions to reduce antibiotic resistance among bacteria, to study the potentials of bacterial toxins in treating different types of cancers, to investigate the effects of probiotic and herbal products on various infections, research, development and production of nanotechnology-based medicines and products, to study the virulence factors of microorganisms and eventually, to establish of a microbial bank for research and intervention purposes to reduce the incidence of hospital infections.

  • Address: End of Pajouhesh Blvd, Ilam - Iran
  • Phone Number:08432227101
  • Fax Number: 08432235721
  • Email: cmrc@medilam.ac.ir