1. Intervention for reducing antibiotic resistance among the bacteria due to the emergence of MDR, XDR and PDR bacteria.
  2. Status of toxin antitoxin system in different bacteria and their effects on pathogenicity.
  3. Study of bacterial toxins to treat a variety of cancer types.
  4. Design and production of suitable peptides to treat infectious diseases.
  5. Research, development and production of drugs and products based on nanotechnology.
  6. Study of herbal products as anti-biofilms in bacteria.
  7. To create a quantitative and qualitative library for bacterial toxins.
  8. Optimizing the scientific structure and quality assurance rules, extracting, producing and evaluating pharmaceutical products, especially non-synthetic compounds, such as medicinal plants.
  9. Applied research in the field of manufacturing medical instruments and equipment
  10. Estimating the bacterial load of respiratory diseases and providing appropriate preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic options.
  11. Establishment of an active network system to provide the antibiotic resistance pattern with specific intervals to the medical community and to provide ways of coping with it
  12. Assessment of the prevalence of nosocomial infections and their causes and providing practical and appropriate solutions to reduce their prevalence.
  13. Investigating the effect of probiotics on various infections.
  14. Investigation of native microbial Virome, Bacteriome and Fungome using metagenomenic methods and providing solutions for the prevention and treatment of diseases on the basis of prevention of the occurrence and complications of primary immunodeficiency diseases and their timely diagnosis.
  15. Conduction of drug discovery research.
  16. Using Aptamer to detect microbial resistance.
  17. Application of nano particle and small peptides to remove bacteria with high drug resistance.